eBay Procedures

Thank you for your interest in selling with the Piermont Bike E-Bay Store.


All auctions start at 0.99 cents and run for 7 days. You receive 85 % store credit of the auctions price.


How do you check your credit account?

From time of drop off it takes 14 days for credit to be processed and available.

If you would like to know your store credit feel free to email, or stop by the store.


We reserve the right to not accept any item based on our discretion



Items We Sell

You name it we’ve sold it.
        • Bicycles, bicycle clothing, bicycle components, and pretty much anything that is bike related
        • Handbags, and shoes (at our discretion)
        • Electronics (such as iPads, iPods, cameras, phones, Fit bits, GPS systems, flat-screen TVs, video game consoles, speakers, laptops)
        • Stereo and hi-fi equipment
        • Musical instruments
        • Watches
        • Designer sunglasses
        • Certain antiques (we have to make sure they have value first)
        • Sports equipment and memorabilia
        • Collectible Barbie dolls
        • Fishing rods and reels
        • Tools and power tools
        • Sporting goods
        • Small appliances (such as blenders, juicers, coffee makers, mixers)

We have accepted much more than we have listed above. If you have a question about a specific type of item, please email or just walk in and ask!

Items We Do Not Accept

        • Fragile items such as dishes, vases, mugs, picture frames, china sets (unless they are of high value and in their original packaging)
        • Figurines
        • Furniture
        • Wornout shoes
        • Strollers, Infant car seats
        • DVD players
        • Printers
        • Computer monitors
        • Books (unless they are a high-value item such as a first edition)
        • LPs and records
        • Plush toys unless they are antiques


Drop Off Items

You may drop off items at any time during store hours.

Mon-Fri 11am-6pm

Sat - Sun 9am-6pm


We will go through your pieces while you wait, and return items to you that we decide to pass on. Please give yourself time for us to go through your items.

You will fill out our E-Bay Drop off Form listing all your items. You may also write up a list ahead of time before you come in.


Once we have your items in hand we will take the photos, write the listing, answer the questions, box and ship them.


If An Item Does Not Sell

If your item has not sold you have 30 days to pick them up or they will be donated, no exceptions. If you would like to pick up your unsold items please call or send us an email with at least 24 hour notice.


More questions? Call us at (845) 365-0900 X3