Is an E-Bike Cheating?

With the proliferation in choices of power assistance or E-bikes, many people are curious if it is something they should consider.  Purest will say that E-Bikes is cheating I will push back and say that they should be treated no different then the use of compact rings threadless stems, aero wheels, and electronic shifting.  All of these technologies have improved the cycling experience for the vast cycling public and have allowed more individuals to ride longer with more consistency then they have been able to before.      

E-Bikes have taken the spirit of the sport and expanded it to the masses, it has allowed the spirit of what cycling is to continue for individuals who no longer able to keep up with their friends, it allows those with disabilities to take advantage of technology to enhance the cycling experience.  Now I a not saying an E-bike is for everyone but when the opportunity exists it is something you should absolutely take for a ride. 


Stay tuned for what type of E-Bike should I buy

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