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Take flight on the fastest lightweight road bike there is.


30 watts. That's how much power the drag-reducing tube shapes and integrated design of the new SuperSix EVO saves over the prior version at 30 mph (48.3 km/h). 

21 percent. Wind tunnel testing revealed a reduction in drag by a massive 21% compared to its predecessor. 

Learn more about the results of the aerodynamic performance testing of the new SuperSix EVO.

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2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy

If ever there was a gravity riders’ XC bike, the Tallboy is it.

The new 120mm Tallboy takes a leap further into what short-travel bikes really are capable of. With kick-ass lower-link VPP suspension, and a streamlined design.

Piermont Bike is a local bike shop with over 25 years in the Hudson Valley. 
Our fit-Lab offers fit technology powered by Guru and our certified fit specialists give you the best fit experience possible. 
Located within riding distance of the George Washington Bridge, Piermont Bike is the premier destination shop in the New York Metro Area. 

***Just Released***

Say “Hello” to the all-new Pivot Vault.

Just Released

2020 Cannondale Topstone Carbon

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This is a great bike shop with service while you wait when you need it. Their prices are good compared to other shops. I use this bike shop and there are a lot of others closer to my house. And they never try to sell you something you don't need. This is the bike shop others should aspire to be.

Tom Rudd

Total bike buying experience was excellent. But writing specifically about getting professionally fit for a bike. The full fitting process took 3 HOURS! Just getting the right shoes, pedals and placement takes an hour. Which may sound insane, but this time and attention to detail makes the difference between numb feet and comfort when you ride a lot. I sprung for the bike fitting for 2 main reasons: 1) I was making an investment in a high quality bike so getting the pro fit was a fraction of my expense but well worth it in terms of selecting the right bike, right size, and right dimensions 2) I'm 45 and ride between 1-2K miles/year. I have pains - back, shoulders, hands, feet etc. Anything I can do to keep riding this much and have less pain is worth it. So far the pro-bike fit has been really helpful reducing the pain that comes from being in the biking position. The machine they use for the bike fitting is crazy. You pedal and it measures all your power etc and then adjusts while your still on the bike to optimize comfort and output. Neat gadget, but it still comes down to the expertise of the staff to get you set up and on the right machine in the right dimensions. Added bonus of the fitting - once you do it, they give you all your optimal bike specifications (seat height, distance between the seat and handlebars, etc).

Brian Robinson

This is by far the best shop in lower NY. It has a large inventory, great cafe,and the best mechanics in the area.

James Krizan