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BMC Teamelite 02 (X1) - 2016

Riding hard and riding fast, first up, then down every trail, this is what… [more]

BMC Teammachine ALR01 (105) - 2017

BMC's Teammachine ALR01 combines efficiency, low weight, and clean… [more]

BMC fourstroke 01 XT Di2 - 2017

The Fourstroke is one of the very few full-suspension mountain bikes to… [more]

BMC Trackmachine TR02

Thrash the pedals all you want, BMC's Trackmachine TR02 is built to… [more]

BMC bicycles deliver style, passion and precision on every ride!

BMC stands for Bicycle Manufacturing Company, which is a great understatement. BMC doesn't just manufacture bicycles, they craft premium machines that are some of the lightest, most efficient and best-riding available today.

The company was founded in 1986 as the exclusive builder and distributor of Raleigh bicycles in Switzerland. But it wasn’t until 2001, under the direction of Andy Rihs, that BMC came into its own. They opened up the drawing board for new ideas that were based on a desire for more efficient and stunning products that addressed the needs of their customers. 

Every detail of a BMC bicycle is carefully considered!That's why you'll see that all BMC bikes have a unique design that’s based on intimate material knowledge, specific tube design and the latest computer simulation technology. The iSC (integrated skeleton concept) is BMC’s innovative and now legendary trademark design. With the help of the latest in Finite Elements Method computer technology, they tailor each tube junction perfectly for the distribution of forces. 

BMC also uses Core Stiffness to counteract the extreme stress in the bottom bracket area by maximizing the BB width for each model. The tube designs and profiles of the seat tube, down tube and chainstays are optimized to obtain the best bonded and welded joints as well. The result is a significant improvement in lateral stiffness and in turn, your pedal power is converted directly into propulsion.

The ride speaks for itself in a BMC bicycle!BMC’s in-house test laboratory plays a significant role in the final product. Here, all framesets and parts are tested in accordance with current European CEN standards and BMC’s own specific standards. Stiffness is measured, analyzed and compared with the ride evaluations from pro BMC riders. Prototypes are analyzed and refined until the finished product is riding perfection.

Easily recognizable thanks to their innovative, standout frame designs, BMC has become a mainstay in the cycling world, delivering professional racers to many victories and riders of all abilities a premium cycling experience. Their dedication to style, passion and precision means they are continually turning heads in the cycling world and delivering dream bikes for unlimited enjoyment on any road or trail. Swing by to check out our excellent selection of BMC bicycles soon!