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What Customers are saying about Piermont Bicycle Connection

Here's What Our Customers Say About Our CONSISTENTLY great service.

"I will definitely continue to do business with you. Thank you again for your concern." Danielle - Marietta, Georgia -

"Sounds great!....a true customer service expert. I'll continue to shop with people who are accountable. Many thanks." Peter - Willits, California

"Thank you very much. You guys came through where others could not." Thomas - USA

"Killer service. I'll definitely be back." David - Dallas, Texas

"Thank You for your attention before. Ok...maybe if I visiting your shop to ...(no matter how much cost, I will spend it with a taxi to visit your shop) hehehehe..because I looking for a new mountain bike model. I've spent 5 years to be a mountain racer in my country. Thank you very much again." Tuguh - Singapore

"You are Awesome!" Wynsie - Pasadena, California

"I just referred my cycling team to your web site - it's great with great selections." Robert - Rocky River, Ohio

"Yesterday I rode up from NYC and bought*..which you are sending me. First of all great ride to the store! Second of all best bike store I have ever been in. No hassle. Wide selection. Reasonable prices. Great website too!" Stuart - New York City

"….thanks for your time and I really appreciate the personal touch. Glad I stumbled across you guys." Ron - Dallas, Texas

"Thanks Glenn for taking care of business with my Jekyll. The Race Face Cranks are great! I was wondering how you would treat me with the warranty and all - and you took care of it. An A+ from me. I looked for a bike shop for over a month and I finally decided to go to your shop. I'm glad I did." John - Fort Montgomery, New York

"Also, I just have to commend you all on your online service. Usually I am a little skeptical of ordering things online, but I have been most satisfied with Piermontbike. You were quick to call when I forgot my cassette size and then this jacket business as well. Thanks heaps. I really am impressed." Tom - Mercer Island, Washington

"You give customer service a good name! Thanks again." Roxanne, Canada

"Thanks for all your personal attention to my order! I'll definitely be ordering from Piermont again! " Susan

"I wish all Businessman in Germany where so obliging like you. Sorry for my bad English, but I try it my best. Best wishes." Rolf - Sonntag, Germany

"Hi Guys! LOVE the jacket! THANKS!!! Some of my buds might be in touch. They're green with envy!! " Vinnie - Norton, Massachusetts

"Glenn, I have used a lot of online stores. Far and away, you have been the most helpful and responsive. Thanks for all the searching and resending. You have been a big help and saved me a lot of time which has turned into more saddle time. Thanks." Jon - Modesto, California

"Thanks for the excellent service! I received the package yesterday and everything is in order. Thanks again for making my Xmas shopping so convenient. I'll be sure to put out the word on your company."

"All the Best to you and your loved ones for Xmas and thank you for your sterling customer service. No doubt we will do more business in 2003." Mario - Melbourne, Australia

"Great to do business with, very careful shipper. AAAAA++++++++!!!!!!!!" Janis - Conyers, Georgia

"…..Your store is one I will highly recommend. Great customer service and prices. Thanks again." David - Rock Island, Illinois

"Thanks so much! I love my new vest - it kept me comfy and looking hot on my 53 mile ride yesterday and thanks for the gloves, that was very generous of you. I appreciate the quick shipping too!! Happy New Year. Lisa - Oakland, California

"Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure doing business with you." Tim - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Great customer service. I will tell all my friends. You have a good New Year too." Tom - East Lansing, Michigan

"Thanks for the notification is good to see customer service. I will recomend your online shop to others." Patrick - Clawson, Michigan -

"Hi Glen, I just received my Primal Wear jersey. Thanks for the excellent service. You guys are the best!" Lisa - Oakland, California -

"Thanks. WOW The spreadsheets with pull-down menu are excellent! So far you are the easiest internet shopping I have found." Hank - Salem, Oregon -

"No problem. Thanks a million for getting back to me. I'm sure you'll have something really swell on your web site that I will want in the near future." Carol - Rockville, Maryland

"Hi Glenn, I received the skewer for my Xaero wheel and thanks so much. Please tell your manager that I'm very pleased with the service I've gotten from Piermont." Donna - Cincinnati, Ohio -

"I appreciate your finding me another vendor who had the "B'Leaf Me" jersey. Thanks for all your help. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again." - Jim - Chardon, Ohio

"I am Wayne ……and I have been searching for a s-works bmx race frame for nearly a year and the one on your web site is the best one I have seen and I am hoping you can stop my journey to get one. I would like to buy it a.s.a.p if you could get in touch with me ……Thanks allot." Regards, Wayne - England -


Glenn, Rec'd my order and I am glad I went with the 45's. Thank you for your assistance and consistency in communication." David - Birmingham, Alabama -

To Sugoi Clothing - "....Your product worked perfectly!!! I am also pleased to report that your dealer, Piermont Bicycle Connection (Glenn Davgin), went to extraordinary lengths to discuss my situation, my needs, my size, and so forth by exchanging several e-mails with me. I have rarely dealt with so service-oriented a retailer, and it is all the more remarkable in so low-volume a sale. With great appreciation to your company and to Glenn, I am," Paul - Newmarket, NH -

To Paul "Thank you very much for your feedback and positive words. Sugoi's product line, like many, is very extensive covering many different product categories and it can be difficult to find an item that will best suit your individual needs. Certainly, Sugoi's goal is to provide the sports enthusiast with products that will make their participation more enjoyable but this is best achieved when the retailer can best advise on a product that is suited to the conditions of use. We certainly recognize and appreciate the efforts of our retail partners such as Piermont Bicycle Connection.

I am thrilled that in a small way this product has helped advance your fitness program and wish you the best of success and enjoyment with this new endeavour. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. Best Regards, To Paul from Kirsten of Sugoi Clothing -

"dude...the black background has to go...can't read anything. :) great bike shop though!!! " Don - New York City -

"Excellent, love the response time and effort on your end…will continue to visit the site!" Cathy - Boston, Massachusetts -

Hi Glenn, Thanks very much -- I really appreciate all your help. I'm a commuting/touring bicyclist with big feet. Carnac shoes fit better than any others, and it's difficult to find them. And you've been tremendously helpful…..Jeff - Bethesda, Maryland -

"Thanks for the service…..Thanks again, I will definitely order more from you guys. Your cycling clothes are superb…." Gloria - Wilmington, North Carolina -

"Only wished we lived closer so we could see and buy more product!! We need a store like yours out in Ohio!" Richard - Berea, Ohio,

"Excellent. You are Johnny on the spot with emails. Your respnsiveness is truly impressive, and I will no doubt purchase from you again. Thanks." Johnathan - Lansdale, Pennsylvania -

"The site is great! What an impressive bunch of testimonials!" Randi - Rockaway, New Jersey -

Glenn, thanks much for the continued follow-up and getting these shipped out. Great service, thanks again!" John - Wauwatosa, Washington -

"I was wondering if you could get…… You always have great pricing and customer service. Thanks." Steve - Bethesda, Maryland -

"Thanks Glenn, the shoes are great and I will definitely recommend and use your shop in the future." Yano - Mountainview, California -

….As always, thanks for your great advice." John - Haverstraw, New York -

"Thanks, I appreciate it. You were very easy to work with. I will order more parts from you in the future. Thanks again." Dave - Howell, New York.

"Great sales help. Excellent product knowledge. I even called with a tech. question on a part I did not buy from them and they still took the time to help me." Jason - Nyack, New York -

"Glenn, Sounds great….. I really enjoy steering fellow athletes to companies like yours who offer such a wide selection and good prices. Living in Florida, we have many local shops to choose from, but as others find out the $$$ savings and selection you have, it is refreshing to have a choice. Thanks again." Carl - Clearwater, Florida -

"I just received my order yesterday and they all fit, feel, look great. Thanks again. Look forward to ordering from you soon." Chris - Dededo, Guam -

"You're the best!!!" Andrea - New York, New York,

"……You have a really terrific site plus the help you've given me in the customer service dept. is really impressive. Thanks." Leslie - Redwood City, California -

"Thanks for fixing the chain on my daughters bike yesterday. You really saved the day for us. Take care." Ed - New City, New York -

"Glenn, I am once again very happy with the service I have received from you guys. It's good to know that now I can also get components from you. Take care." Keith - Goodyear, Arizona -

"From day one Glenn and the employees at Piermont Bicycle Connection have been an excellent resource for all my mountain bike needs. The knowledge, advice and customer service they provide are second to none. I had been in the market for the "mountain bike of my dreams" and had been searching high and low for months. Unfortunately many other bicycle shops said they either couldn't get the model I was looking for, were too expensive or never responded to my inquiries. However, Glenn and Piermont Bicycle Connection were the exception. Glenn responded to all my questions within hours and told me that not only could they locate the bike I wanted but they could also meet my price requirements. During my search I had hoped to establish a relationship with a local bike shop that I would feel comfortable going to for all my mountain biking needs and not just for a one-time purchase. After talking with Glenn and meeting the employees at Piermont Bicycle Connection I knew I had found the right shop. I have been a loyal customer ever since!" John - Haverstraw, New York

"The reason why I buy from you is because of the variety of clothing stock. Actually we have Castelli/Giordana dealer in Taiwan but the variety is limited. Thank You." Alan - Taiwan


"Thanks Glenn. I was particulary impressed by your prompt (i.e. instantaneous!) response…..Cheers." Stuart - Sydney, Australia

"Thanks for your help. I look forward to racing in them soon!! Interestingly the total charge should come to about the same as I would have to pay at the UK retail price anyway, but there don't seem to be any available in the UK." Jonathan - Windsor, England

Thanks for your patience and responsiveness! I would like the….. Thank you." Jerry - Olympia, Washington

"That's Great. Thanks for your prompt response." Steve - South San Francisco, California

"Glenn, As you know I have been doing some comparative shopping in an effort to become an "informed consumer". From my short experience searching the web, your prices on new Colnago frames are quite competitive, even with other sources that I have been referred to as having the "best prices". No other source has offered a "lay away" option. To make Piermont an even more attractive option, your fast e-mail replies, your patience with "endless" questions and your candor have gone a long way to earn my trust. Since I am far from being independently wealthy, getting the best price on a quality product is paramount to me. However, friendly, knowledgeable advise and assistance is right up there on my personal priority list. It may be several weeks or even a matter of months before I do anything. However, please know that whether it is a frame and forks, components, or a complete bike, when it comes time to purchase, I will at the very least, be contacting you for pricing." Bob - Ontario, Canda

"Glenn, Thank you again for following up so well! I have to start combing through your website for stuff I can buy! - I'll tell everyone I run into about what terrific service you've provided and how good your prices look. I hope you get some sales from my friends that way. Thanks again." Terry - La Jolla, California

"Wow…That's great! Thanks for the excellent service!" Deb - Nellysford, Virginia

"I received the shoes yesterday, in plenty of time for adjustments before our Northwest Tandem Rally trip next weekend….Thanks for the great service! I'll keep you in mind for future orders and mention you to our cycling friends." James - Tallahassee, Florida -

"Dear Jason - Thanks so much for getting me this part promptly. It was a relief after the general non-responsiveness of Tucson area shops. I installed it in 5 min's and the bike's up and running fine. Thanks again." Andre - Tucson, Arizona -

"Thanks very much for all your help….I think these shoes will be fine! It was a pleasure dealing with you!" Tony - Lebanon, New Hampshire -

"….Thank you for taking the time to check. Top marks for customer service!" Enzo - Spartanburg, SC -

"Thanks for your time, I'm sure I'll be back many times in the future. I think the web site is a good one. Regards." Bob - Lyndhurst, New Jersey -

"Hey Glenn, That's what I love about you guys….so on top of everything ;-) I do greatly appreciate your email, and so hope you find the pedal pushers in black……. Best." Deanne - Mountainview, California -

Re: Fondriest "Thank you very much. I've ridden the bike a few times, including an 80 mile ride in the Sierra's. It is a very deceptive bike. It does not feel exactly like anything I've ridden, and I've had at least 30 high end bikes. It doesn't feel like aluminum (more absorb-ent, like the Ti bikes I've owned), and it has a relationship to speed like a fine German (or Italian) car. I'm always surprised that when I look down I'm going 20 or 22 and I'm not working hard. I told my friend that as he knows I'm not usually the one in the riding group to jump out in front and hit a 30 or 32 MPH sprint, but I did three times on Tuesday. I have a big ride (129 miles over five 8500 ft. mountain passes) on Saturday, and I'm sure it will be great on the Fondriest. Honestly, I think my friend's Cannondale is even a slightly faster bike, but it can't come close in terms of quickness AND comfort. And it is scary fast on the descents - the Fondriest, that is. I was going 45 on modest descents the other day, without pedaling! You can just tell they did a lot of homework to get the bike right. I love the paint as well. It made me want to get a second Fondriest (when I can afford one), in a different material. Very impressive bike!" Howard - Sacramento, California -

"Always a pleasure working with you!" Deanne - Mountainview, California -

"Just wanted to take a moment to tell you about one of your employees who did a great job working with me. Be it shopping for fishing equipment, or biking stuff, I sometimes encounter employees with bad attitudes if I'm asking simple questions. I hate that. Makes me feel stupid. Your guy was great - fielded my call perfectly (I was in the woods with a flat). Then when I got in, he gave me a lesson on tire changes, and discussed all kinds of Mt. Bike issues with me from locks, brakes, full-suspension, CO2 cartridges, shin guards, and so much more. I pay attention to all this because my line of work is customer service. I love when I see a perfect execution of it. Your guy did it!" Mark - Valhalla, New York - 

 (That's our Billy)

"Great! Thank you for being so quick and responsive! Quinton - Exton, Pennsylvania -

"O.K. great, that's good news…..I want you to know how much I appreciate all of your time and energy. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you." Keith - Goodyear, Arizona -

"Re: Fondriest Frame - So far, it's damn fun. It's light & climbs well. Having a blast! Thanks." Mark - New York City -

"Most excellent! : If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times….THANK YOU. Take care." Keith - Goodyear, Arizona -

"I received the jersey last night. I want to thank you for the prompt and excellent customer service you have provided. I will tell fellow bikers about Piermont Bike. Thanks again for making my online shopping experience enjoyable." Deisnel - Fort Lee, New Jersey -

"Thanks Glenn! There is NOTHING quite like having your own personal shopper at the Bike Shop : What would I do without you? Thanks Again for your assistance!" Deanne - Mountainview, California -

"The Quisp and Ben & Jerry Jerseys and socks arrived this morning. They are TERRIFIC, and I am so impressed with your prompt service. Your website is great too. Thanks so much. I look forward to contacting you again." David - Great Neck, NY - 


"Thanks for your help. You guys have been great." Dean - Kelowna BC Canada -

"Glenn, Thanks anyway. I appreciate all your communication and help. I'll definitely keep you guys in mind for future purchases." Frances - Lawrence, Kansas -

"IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE PLEASURE DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU. Thanks so much for being patient with all my fickle-minded decisions. SO UNTIL ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS ENTICE ME AGAIN." - Dubai, UAE -

Hello Glenn, I bought the 2003 Litespeed Tuscany from you this past weekend. I took the bike out for a 50 mile spin on Sunday. I love this bike! I am so very pleased with my purchase. I thank you for taking the time you did with all your help, recommendations and advice. I have been raving to everyone I know about your store and the service I received. Keep up the good work and once again, Thank You." Raul - Bronx, New York -

Hi guys at Piermont, Just received the CSC jersey that I ordered. Impressive. I just wanted to thank you for being able to do what very few other bike stores in North America could offer me - a quality product shipped to Canada at a fair price in a very reasonable time frame (especially since it seems most of North America says they are on back-order). I really appreciated the quick responses to my (possibly frivolous) e mails. The jersey looks great and is a perfect fit. I'll certainly keep your site bookmarked, and will refer your company to my cycling friends. Cheers." Murray - Canada -

"Hi Glenn - I received my jersey today and LOVE it!...Thank you for working with me! I'll definitely keep your web-site "bookmarked" for other awesome biking gear. Thanks again." Sherri - Nevada -

"Thank You. You offer great service." Eddie - Queensland, Australia -

"Glenn, Thanks for your help and advice on the wetsuits. I got the QR Hydro John wetsuit on Friday and it fits great. Can't wait to get it in the water. Thanks again." Mikael - N.Y., N.Y. -

"Glenn, Thanks….I appreciate everything that you've done for me. Thanks again." Joe - Merriville, Indiana -

"Glenn, Thanks again…..Also, we're impressed with your service. Would you please add us both to your email list." John - Fayetteville, Arizona -

"I have to hand it to you, I live 2 blocks from …….and they would never have made me that offer to build a bike up for a test ride for me…..your staff and people are wonderful." David - N.Y., N.Y.

"Fantastic! Definitely appreciate the service. Probably be buying more Oakley from you soon." Kurt - Bloomington, Illinois -

"Again, thanks for your prompt attention to my order….I put myself on your mailing list so that I will look to you for bike needs in the future." Rick-Shoreline, Wyoming

"Just thought I'd drop you, Ernesto and Glenn a line to say big thanks for your help this morning. After a tough race in the rain with two huge crashes and some serious elbowing, it was a nice way to finish my riding part of the day. And I'll also reiterate that you're the best bike shop I've seen in New England, period - and that goes for cool guys behind the counter and with serious know-how. That alone is worth its weight in gold. Again, thanks guys for everything. I'll try to throw as much business your way and humanly possible. You guys rock with capital 'R'. Best" - Bill and Kara Roden - New York

"Sorry for the delayed reply Glenn, but I wanted to let you know that your service has far exceeded any expectation that I could have. As I mentioned in my last message, I will definitely keep you in mind as future purchases arise. Thanks again." Russ

Glenn, Thanks for your great service and your input as well. Stoked about getting my new Castelli gear." David - Dallas, Texas 

"Glenn, your customer service is unbelievable, but GO HOME! It's late, man!" David - Dallas, Texas

"Good Evening Glenn, I just wanted to write you a brief note to let you know that I received my shipments for my order. ….. All items fit perfectly. Thanks again for your prompt and pleasant service. I appreciate the fact that you gave me up-to-date substitutes, and a discount as well. I won't forget your service and company. Sincerely" Rick - Seattle, Washington

"Thanks Glenn. I appreciate your company and your great service." Rick - Seattle, Washington

"You're Golden. Look forward to doing business with you in the future for all my bicycle needs. Best Regards" Wayne - Grand Cayman Islands

"Hi Glenn, Thanks for asking. … Appreciate the follow up. Now that's great customer service. Thanks again." Jesse - Torrence, California

"Assos gator jacket and gloves arrived safe and sound. Thanks for your help with a terrific Christmas present for my husband. I referred another friend of mine…Thanks again. Darcia - Bear, Delaware

"Thank you Glenn for the information and for your quick response!" Jeannine - Waterboro, Maine

"Great then I will look forward to getting the bib and jacket. Glad to have found you guys on the Web and you will be hearing a lot more from us. Thanks. Have a nice holiday." Kim - Albuquerque, NM

"Hi, thanks for sending me all the Assos items. I am very happy and excited about the quality." Peter -

"Thanks for your email. I enjoyed the virtual tour of your store….." Dave - EMAIL CLUB COMMENT

"Glenn, Go ahead and make the appropriate changes and email me the cost. Again, thank you very much for the personal attention." Jeni -

"Almost instant response time during the day on inquiries. Very informative. Best customer service I have encountered. HUGE selection." Michelle - New York EMAIL Club Comment.

"Great Sales help - excellent product knowledge. I even called with a tech question on a part I did not buy from them and they still took the time to help me." Jason - Nyack, NY EMAIL Club Comment

"Glenn, Thank you so much for sending the Sugoi subzero tights overnight mail. I received them the next day, and today I wore them for my run. They are great; warm and fit well. I appreciate all your help. Jim and I will remember Piermont Bike store in the future." Jennie - Ashburn, Virginia

Hi Glenn - Piermont Bike and USPS successful once again!! Many thanks for your (as always) prompt reply. Using your information, I was able to convince my local P.O. to have a search and guess what - they located your parcel which had arrived three days ago, though I had called in yesterday and they said they didn't have it! Anyway, I now have the cranks and bottom bracket which will look stunning on my new bike. I'd like to thank you again for yet another example of your great customer service and efficiency. You can be sure I'll be in contact in the future!" Avis - Brisbane, Australia

Glenn, …The new tights that you sent fit great and my wife loves them! She just got back from a run in this frigid weather and she said they were great. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. It's always nice to run across good people! I will recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for bicycle/fitness stuff. Thanks again." Jeff - Lincoln University, PA

Hi Glenn: Once again David loved your suggestions. The shoe covers are already on his shoes. Now we just have to wait for the snow to disappear… Thanks again." David & Darcia - Bear, Delaware

"Terrific website and extremely informative. Great customer service. EMAIL Club Comment.

"I did get that email, thanks. I was purchasing the pants as a gift (with very specific instructions), so I decided to pass on the other style. Kudos on your great customer service, though!" Tracey - Chicago, Illinois

"Thanks for the great service! I received the other jersey yesterday." Pete -

Glenn, Just a few weeks ago a deal popped up…..I couldn't resist. I really appreciate your efforts however. The fact that you've kept in contact all this time says a lot. Will definitely do business together none the less. Are also passing your name and shop info along to a few bikin bros. Thanks again." Kevin - Reno, Nevada

"Hey Glenn, Let me start by saying thank you again! This wheel is by far the BEST wheel I have ever ridden on in my life. It is absolutely amazing how much more power goes into forward motion now, even compared to the 32 holers. Well worth every penny no doubt. Once again you've been great. Thanks. Take Care." Keith -

"Recieved my order at 10:15 AM, thanks. Your prices and service are excellent I'll definetly be using you again and will recommend you. Thanks, George, Jupiter, FL

"Hi Jason, I'm sending you a little e-mail for two reasons. First, I'd like to thank you and Andrew for giving me the best and most professional bike fitting i've ever had. The pain in my knee has completely disappeared while riding, and it feels great to be back on the bike. You were extremely informative and knowledgable on the whole subject of cycling, and i really felt it was worth every penny. Its really true that fit is everything."Christophe, NY, NY

"Glen: Thank you. Great customer service!! I'll be back to order again." Linda, Pottstown, PA

"Hi Glenn, Just wanted to say thanks for getting my Colnago back up and running so quickly. I knew you would be able to fix it. Unfortunately, the bike monkeys around here are pretty clueless. It's good to know that I can still rely on your expertise. (My Klein Attitude is still running strong with the headset you built) Hope all is well. Best regards, Liam, Stratham, NH

"Hi Glenn, I received the wetsuit. It fits perfect. Thanks for getting it to me on time. Best Regards. Mike, Clinton Corners, NY

"I wanted to send a quick note to thank Glen for assisting me in finding a pair of Sugoi "Gusto" mountain bike shorts. Glen went way out of his way to find me these shorts and I wanted to let him know how appreciative I am that he helped me. I wore the Sugoi shorts mountain biking today at Harriet Hollister park in Honeoye N.Y. and they were everything I expected and more. Thanks Glenn for all your help. You are the best!! Sincerely, Craig,

"Glenn, I got my shoes yesterday and they are great. I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help. You've got a new customer for life. I'll look to use your shop(s) for all my biking needs. Thanks again, Matthew, Dudley, MA

"Dear Glenn, My vests arrived today and I LOVE them. Thanks so much for your help and attention. Mary, Cincinnati, OH

"Dear Glen: Sorry you didn't get my first email...Just letting you know I would like the black vest in small if possible... Also, I wanted to thank you and the crew for being so incredibly helpful, friendly, enthusiastic, and fun. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to walk into your store. Obviously, we have made it one of our regular stops-just a place to hang. You guys are all on top of things-and when you don't know, you find the answers for us...I just really want to thank you for taking such good care of this year, dressing us to the "T," and educating us beyond our wildest dreams.... Thanks, Nina, Tenafly, NJ

"Hello, Hey I got my shoes very quickly ! Regards, John

"The packages have arrived. I am quite pleased with the Descente apparel.. Thanks for the great service. Will recommend Piermontbike to my friends. Cheers Gerry, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Thanks, I am enjoying your bike in the interim but anxious to get my own. At this point, I am open to a number of options/suggestions, though Roubaix (based on research) is my first choice. I really appreciate your customer service and patience and look forward to doing future business. I will definitely recommend your shop to friends looking to purchase their next bike and gear. Jeff, NY, NY

"Hi Glenn - just wanted to give you some follow-up. I love it. I rode about 70 miles in the blustery weather on Sunday - the bike is responsive and light, and incredibly smooth on well-surfaced roads. It climbs well. The only real difference I feel compared to my old Lemond steel frame is a greater appreciation for the bumps when riding on rough pavement - still, I think the carbon forks and seat post absorbs a lot of this - I was expecting more vibration and stiffness, so was pleasantly surprised. The saddle is very comfortable. In any case, after $6400 later, I'll be looking for smooth roads to enjoy, not potholes! The Durace deraiileur is silky smooth - and the bike just plain looks awesome. In sum - I'm in heaven. Given the obvious envy of many of my biking buddies, I expect you'll be seeing some of my friends in to upgrade their bikes too - - !

"Glenn, I spoke with Steve, He mailed the shoes, I received them yesterday. Thank you both, it's been a pleasure doing business with you folks. Hopefully the bone collector jersey will be in soon. Will definetly be doing business with you in the future. Thanks Glenn

"Hi Glenn, I just wanted to thank you for your fabulous customer support. My father-in-law received the missing interface for his trainer in France (beginning of the week). It works great..... Alex and I really wanted to thank you very much for great customer support I was initially worried about how we would get the part to France. But, Micheal Pederson (from QBP) asked TACX (based out of Holland) to mail the interface directly to France. Thanks again, Monica, France

"Glenn, Just thought I'd shoot you an E-mail to say THANKS!! I love my new cycling shoes, and didn't have much trouble clipping them in or out of my spin bike. It makes the work out twice as intense, and I love it!! Thanks again, I really appreciate all of your help.. When I started looking for cycle shoes, I really had no idea what to get.. Allyssa, Medford, OR  

"OK, ship the Pro L/S in Red…Thanks again. Great Service! I found you guys after complaining about the terrible service I received from Performance. There web site isn’t live and so the pro jersey was backordered for 3 weeks. After 5 weeks I finally checked and they told me they wouldn’t be able to fill the order…ever. That was OK, but how about a phone call… anyways, thanks for the great service. I’ll be back for more stuff soon. You guys are great! I will be telling everyone I know to shop with your store. Thanks Jeffrey

"Hi, thanks for your excellent service, its a pleasure to do business with you, even though I am not purchasing anything right now." Karen"Glenn, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. It's really refreshing to have someone spend so much time to help a customer anymore. Thanks a million! Brenda "Dear Glenn, You've been so very helpful and prompt!

What excellent customer service! I love that you stock plenty of XS sizes too. I look forward to my package and doing business with such a great store in the future!" Kathy Thanks

Glenn, got the XL in yesterday – it was a pleasure – I will look forward to future opportunities Janice