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Feature Items

  • Assos FuguJack Jacket

    Have you ever had your bottles freeze on a ride? Assos' FuguJack Jacket is made for bottle-freezing weather. It's a cold-defense system with a zip-up inner liner that… [more]

  • Cannondale Shop Shirt

    If you're a mechanic or simply an avid Cannondale fan, the Shop Shirt is for you. You'll never drop another wrench, strip another nut or botch a wheel true wearing this… [more]

  • Louis Garneau Carbon Lazer Bib Shorts

    Garneau's Carbon Lazer Bibs are more comfortable than your favorite pajamas! Well, at least for riding! They feature Carbon Ion and Lazer Rev fabrics that are light,… [more]

  • Capo Roubaix Arm Warmers

    Capo's Roubaix Arm Warmers are cut from lightweight Super Roubaix fabric for superb stretch and insulation and comfort. They have silicone gel grippers so they stay in… [more]

  • Louis Garneau Biogel RX Gloves

    The Biogel RX Gloves sport Garneau's ErgoAir ventilation system and Mini Mesh uppers for a stellar fit and breezy comfort. The perforated Amara palms with varying gel… [more]

  • Capo Serie A Jersey

    Simple yet high-tech, Capo's Serie A Jersey has a look that fits in on every ride. Capo's wicking and breathable Micro Quattro fabric composes this comfortable top which… [more]

  • Louis Garneau Bromont Gloves JR

    Louis Garneaus's Bromont Gloves JR offer sleek, mountain bike-worthy protection and a comfortable feel. These long-fingered gloves boast ventilated, reinforced Amara… [more]

  • Louis Garneau Bromont Gloves

    Louis Garneaus's Bromont Gloves offer sleek, mountain bike-worthy protection and a comfortable feel. These long-fingered gloves boast ventilated, reinforced Amara palms… [more]

  • Assos SS 13 Jersey

    Assos' SS 13 Jersey keeps you comfortable on all your rides thanks to its combination of fabrics that are strategically placed for ventilation, breathability, and… [more]

  • Cannondale Women's Pack-Me Jacket

    Cannondale's Women's Pack-Me Jacket is the perfect choice to tuck in your jersey pocket on those days with unpredictable weather. It's made of Cannondale's Pack Light… [more]

  • Louis Garneau 12C Air Gel Gloves

    Garneau's 12C Air Gel Gloves combine carbon ion Lycra for excellent moisture transfer and UV protection with Garneau's 4-channel ventilation for extreme breathability.… [more]

  • Louis Garneau 2000 Hat

    If wind stings your ears when you ride, then you need a hat! Louis Garneau's Hat is a great choice. It provides just enough material to block the wind, and its Drytex… [more]


Everything From Beginner to Pro!

Here at Piermont Bike we have over 20 years of experience outfitting everyone from training wheel equipped toddlers to grizzled race veterans. Located within riding distance of the George Washington Bridge, discover why we are the premier destination shop in the New York metro area.Test the latest and greatest bikes from BMC, Cervelo, Cannondale, and Scott. Try on the best from Louis Garneau, Assos, Capo,Sugoi, and Cannondale

We have the best mechanics around to get you rolling in our fully equipped service center.

We also have an extensive rental fleet for those wanting to explore our picturesque setting right on the Hudson River. 

GIVE THE GIFT OF HEALTH: a gift certificate to Piermont Bike offers flexibility and freedom for anyone in your life!

HERE WE GO AGAIN, but this time we have it all and it is 2014 models



2014 Granfondo GF02 Ultegra PaintFlame 56, 61cm $2,599 Now $1560

2014 Timemachine TMR02 105 Red 56,58cm $2,999 Now $1800

2014 Granfondo GF01 105 White 56cm $3,599 Now $2160

2014 GF01 Ultegra 51cm & 56cm $5000.00, NOW $3000.00

2014 GF01 Ultegra Di2 54cm  $6000.00, NOW $3600.00

2014 Teammachine SLR02 Ultegra White 60cm $3,999 Now $2400

2014 Teammachine SLR02 105 Red 60cm $2,699 Now $1620

2014 SLR02 Ultegra 57cm  $3,999 Now $2400

2014 Granfondo GF01 105  51, 56cm $3500, NOW $1750


2014 Scott Foil 20 $2850.00 NOW $1710.00 54,56,58cm


2014 Scott Solace Premium $9500.00 NOW $5700.00 49,56cm


2014 Scott Solace 10 $5300.00 NOW $3180.00 54,56,58cm

2014 Scott Solace 30 $2550.00 NOW $1530.00 49,52,58,61cm


2014 Scott Addict SL $12650.00 NOW $7590.00 54,58cm


2014 Scott CR1 20 $1800.00 NOW $1080.00 58,61cm


2014 Scott CR1 30 $1500.00 NOW $900.00 56,58cm

2014 Speedster 30 was $1099.99 NOW $659.99 47cm

2014 Speedster 50 was $899.99 NOW $539.99 52cm


2014 Scott CR1 Contessa Women's $1900.00 NOW $1140.00 47,49cm


2014 Scott Plasma 20 $3700 NOW $2220.00 56cm

2014 Contessa Solace 35 Women"s $2250.00 NOW $1350.00 46,48cm

2014 Contessa Solace 25 Women"s $2600.00 NOW $1560.00 46,48cm

2014 Contessa Solace 35 was $2249.99 NOW $1349.99 51cm


Mountain Bikes still left at 40% off


Hardtail 29ers


13 Scott Scale 900 Premium MD was $6989.99 NOW $4193.99

14 Scott Scale 935 LG was $2450.99 NOW $1470.00

13 Scott Scale 950 LG was $1839.99 NOW $1103.99

13 Scott Scale 970 LG  was $1109.99 NOW $665.99

2014 Scott Scale 970 SM, LG was $1099.99 NOW $659.99

14 Scott Scale 960 SM was $1449.99 NOW $869.99


Full Suspension 29er

13 Scott Spark 930 LG was $3799.99 NOW $2279.99

13 Scott Spark 940 LG was $3309.99 NOW $1985.99

13 Cannondale Scalpel 3 LG was $3549.99 NOW $2129.99

2014 Scott Spark 930 SM, MD, LG was $3799.99 NOW $2279.99

2014 Scott Spark 940 SM, LG was $3309.99 NOW $1985.99

2014 Scott Spark 960 SM, MD, LG, XL was $1899.99 NOW $1139.99

14 Genius 930 SM was $4099.99 NOW $2459.99


2014 Hardtail 27.5"

2014 Scale 720 LG was $3309.99 NOW $1985.99

2014 Scale 750 MD, LG was $1850.00 NOW $1110.00

2014 Scale 740 SM, LG, XL was $2800.00 NOW $1680.00

2014 Scale 735 SM,LG was $2450.00 NOW $1470.00

2014 Contessa Scale 700 LG was $1849.99 NOW $1109.99

2014 Full Suspension 27.5"

2014 Scott Spark 730 SM was $3800.00 NOW $2280.00

2014 Scott Spark 760 SM, MD, XL was $1900.00 NOW $1140.00

2014 Contessa Genius 710 LG was $3799.99 NOW $2279.99

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Gypsy Donut and Espresso Bar

Piermont Bicycle Connection is proud to be the newest home of Gypsy Donut and Espresso Bar, the Nyack sensation.  Come in and visit our full service coffee and espresso bar and taste the homemade donuts, cookies, muffins and other treats from Gypsy Donut.

Gypsy, which opened in Nyack in 2012, has already won awards and been featured in newspapers from the Journal News, to the New York Times. The coffee is roasted by Stumptown Coffee Roasters of Portland (and roasted in their Brooklyn facility) for the ultimate in taste and freshness. All of the Gyspy staff are trained in expert coffee-making. The shop uses only the finest ingredients in their baked products, no artificial flavors, corn syrup or colorings.

Our lounge features bar seating, comfortable chairs, and a community-table that can seat ten.

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